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Why use Tresse organic hair color?

Natural results

Tresse organic hair color blends in with your natural hair color. It is perfect for intensifying your natural color, giving it beautiful highlights or naturally covering white hair without a flat, painted on look.

Perfectly covers gray hair

Our hair color provides full coverage of white hair while taking care of your hair.

What really sets it apart is our 2-step application pack that offers unprecedented flexibility and effectiveness in covering white hair.

Use it in two steps for optimal and long-lasting coverage, or in a single application if you want a more nuanced result. With us, you're in control of your coloration!

Redensified and shiny hair

The plants we selected have dyeing and repairing properties, which results in leaving the hair shiny and thick, improving its texture and quality. Contrary to conventional coloring processes, plant dyes don’t damage or weaken hair. Hair is coated and protected.

Good for hair, good for the planet

Non-toxic, no preservatives, peroxide, ammonia, PPD, color enhancers, metallic salts or heavy metals.
No fragrance or essential oils.
No animal testing.
Biodegradable formula.

More about Composition

Long-lasting and sustainable

Permanent and long-lasting colouring. It is tenacious (and will fade over time). We have chosen a short formula, composed of 6 plants maximum. Plants are certified 100% organic, with dyeing and healing properties, ground into a fine powder. We have carefully measured them out to offer you truly beautiful, long-lasting colours.
Designed and manufactured in France.

More about Application ritual

How plant dyes work

The process is simple:
Plant pigments react in contact with water and wrap hair cuticles on the hair shaft. The natural plant pigments react naturally with your hair, and the final color result depends on your hair’s structure, nature, characteristics, current color and ability to absorb color.

How long does the color last: Tresse organic hair color is long lasting, but over time it will fade and soften. How long the color lasts depends on your hair. The pigments attach like a fine stain covering hair cuticles. If you want to make the plant-based color more vibrant, increase applications. With this technique, pigments will surround the hair shaft in successive layers. The more you color your hair, the more intense and long lasting the color will be.